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'Enough' being played on BMS Radio Chicago. 

A glimpse into the TnT Corporation's studio, and the upgrades that Tre (musical artist) has done at his studio setup.

A snippet video of Tre (musical artist), from the Mad House, which is interviewed on "Crib Sessions". You can also download the track, "Geeky" at: 

Tre (musical artist) on Tshwane FM radio interview, talking about his track that was about to air, on the 10th of February 2015. 

Newest Presenter, Tie The Stylist, on the radio show, "Crib Session".  Tie was gathering hype on the up coming interview with the "Mad House" team from TnT Productions. This Interview will be taking place on the 7th of October 2015. "Mad House" consisting of Tre (musical artist); LVRD C; Swayzi and Sosa White.

TnT Corporation artist, Tre (musical artist) has a confrontation at a club with the bouncers just before he goes on stage to perform and the following video explains why he did what he did on stage with his former artist Ricochey. 

The TnT team busy working on Tre (musical artist) song "Hol'Up" featuring Swayzi and YungMi from Detroit. 

Interview with Tre (musical artist), and he's asked about the concept for his latest up coming release 'Tre Day'. Music and Arts.

This is an interview where they get the inside scoop of his released album 'Tre Day'. This is what Tre (musical artist) had to say about his third big release in the music industry. Music and Arts.

Tre (musical artist) just in the studio working around some different lyric and flow techniques. Music and Arts.