Doing It My Way [Single]

Tre | Musical Artist
He's standing, leaned up against a graffiti covered wall.

2010 [Released]

First debut single of Tre's career. This was the first ever recording.

FACILITIES: Montana Studio's

Tre-onics [Mixtape]

No album cover was ever done for this mixtape, due to lack of production effort.

2011-2012 [Unreleased]

Poorly done, incomplete and was the unreleased mixtape that the first attempted full project that Tre tried to pursue after his first release of his single.

 FACILITIES: Renzo Beatz

Up and Coming [Album]

Tre | Musical Artist
He is against a white back drop and with a title and his name.

End of 2012 [Released]

This was the first official release done by Tre after 2 years of his first single release. This entire project was done by Tre himself, from mixing and mastering to even hardcopy distribution and manufactoring of CD's.

FACILITIES: TnT Productions

Return of Tre [E.P]

Dark background with a single person standing looking over to his left.

2012-2013 [Released]

The next release that was turned into a full fledged album. Also done solely by Tre for production and it's full release.

FACILITIES: TnT Productions

Return of Tre [Album]

Tre | Musical Artist
Two men walking towards the middle standing figure, joining the darkside.

2012-2013 [Released]

The full project from the previous release of it's E.P that was very well recieved publically, which led Tre to make a full album of it.

FACILITIES: TnT Productions

Tre Day [Album]

Tre | Musical artist
The Face of a man with the title name on the right of hid face.

2013-2014 [Released]

The Tre Day Debut album that really was the break that got Tre noticed within the industry and is considered one of his best and was the album that defined his persona of his music.

FACILITIES: TnT Productions

Rap It Up [Mixtape]

Hooded figure with the title sequence and artists titles.

2013 [Released]

The mixtape that was recorded and released by the rap crew D.o.T which included Tre, who was the mix and master engineer and leader of the crew.

FACILITIES: TnT Productions

Break Bad [E.P]

Tre | Musical Artist
Black cover with three people standing with as a title covers them.

2014-2015 [Released]

The duo E.P by rap artists, Tre & Mr Problematic. This was going to be turned into a full album release but due to complications that project was put on hold.

FACILITIES: TnT Productions

Method To The Madness [Mixtape]

Tre | Musical Artist
Speakers cover with a black and gold sign which reads the title of the album.

2015-2016 [Released]

The mixtape that released by Tre to lead up to his M.A.D album that was postponed.

FACILITIES: TnT Productions

Mind of Madness [Mixtape]

Tre | Musical Artist
a gun pointed to a cartoon and real boy with a grin and smile on his face.

2016-2017 [Released]

The follow up to the Method To The Madness mixtape and also a lead up to the album, M.A.D which got postponed for another year.

FACILITIES: TnT Corporation

Get Up: All City Toy [Album]

Tre | Musical Artist
A man in black and white and with a title on his right.

2017-2018 [Released]

The album that was put on hold for it's release while Tre was working under HMI while he was working on this album in 2015, and while he was getting out of his contract with them, and finally got it released in 2017.

FACILITIES: TnT Corporation

Euro Trippin [E.P]


2018-2019 [Released]

Released by Eighty-Eight Records for distribution and was the latest release by Tre and his new global movement TnT Corporation and his associates.

FACILITIES: TnT Corporation & Eighty-Eight Records